1.Academic Programme

Details about which day, venue and timing will be updated on the SAOA website
Full programme: – subject to change

2.Registration for the Congress:

If you have not yet registered, please contact SAOA for a registration link

SAOA Membership membership@saoa.org.za

3.Media release form
Please complete and return to sam@icesolution.co.za by 20 August

4. Speaker support information

Below for virtual presentations –pre–recording guidelines v2 & Zoom guidelines v3

4.1)Pre-Recording your presentation:
We are using an online booking interface called “Calendly” to schedule Zoom pre-recording sessions for all speakers recording. We have created this online calendar with numerous booking slots of 30 minutes each, between now & 20th  August, to best suit your schedule.
Please click on the link below to set up your pre-recording time(s) with us.

4.2) In addition, please see the attached virtual speaker’s guidance in joining the virtual SAOA 2021 Hybrid Congress & how to locate the “green room”/ speaker’s support room. Our technical support team will then allocate you to the correct virtual breakout venue for your session.

4.3) See below for in-person speaker support

If you are able to join us in-person, please see the below in-person speaker support requirements for your presentation/s.

Information for IN PERSON presenters

  1. All papers will be presented using only Microsoft PowerPoint from versions 2007 to 2016 or Apple Keynote from version 6.5.
  2. The SAOA Committee requires presenters to project their mandatory financial disclosure at the start of their presentation for a minimum of 3 seconds. The disclosure may be your first slide or your second slide, after a title slide.
  3. Presentation needs to be set to 16×9 ratio format.
  4. Please note that Internet access will not be available during your presentation, so please do not use any hyperlinks.
  5. For PowerPoint presentations, presentation footnotes will be visible during your presentation.
  6. All presenters will have to adhere to strict timings and we will be using a digital timer that will be visible to you. The digital timer will indicate a flashing “Times Up” and start counting upwards from 00:00 to indicate the time that you are going over by.

We request that you do not overrun your allocated time, as this will impact the subsequent speaker’s allotted time.  Your presentation time slots are 10 minutes, 7 minutes to present and 3 minutes for discussions (this may be different for Instructional course speakers)

  1. The Speaker Prep Room is located on level 1 – Think Tank 1&2 and will be signposted. The opening times are as follows:

SUNDAY: Afternoon – 16h00

MONDAY – THURSDAY: 06h30 – 17h30

  1. Please check your presentation on the laptop in the Speaker Prep Room to ensure all fonts and the layout of your presentation has not changed at least 24 hours before your presentation. Also, please bring a backup copy of your presentation, just in case, there is a possible issue with the one on the system.
  2. Please note that no personal devices may be brought to the podium and used for presentation purposes.
  1. Finally, on the day of your presentation:

You will be provided with an optional cordless microphone or a fixed podium -microphone.

If a cordless microphone is your preferred option, please ensure that you arrive at the Technical Desk in the presentation venue 10 minutes before your talk to be fitted with a cordless microphone

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at saoa@selbys.co.za