07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00 - 09h00Paragon 28 Workshop - The Need for LapidusJ Beike
SAFSA Symposium: Ankle arthroscopy / Sports medicine
Chairpersons: G McCollum, M Workman
09h00 - 09h3020 years of Innovation and Improvements in Ankle and Hindfoot arthroscopyN van Dijk
09h30 - 09h45Achilles tendonoscopy and FHL transferA Toepfer
09h45 - 10h00Questions and discussion
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAFSA Symposium: Ankle arthroscopy / Sports medicine
Chairpersons: N Van Dijk, W De Kock
10h30 - 10h45Posterior ankle arthroscopy – subtalar arthrodesisA Toepfer
10h45 - 11h00Lateral ligament reconstruction (Hybrid)R Freeman
11h00 - 11h15All inside arthroscopic ATFL repairM Maritz
11h15 - 11h30Syndesmotic evaluationG McCollum
11h30 - 11h45Questions and discussion
11h45 - 12h00Current and future indications to hindfoot endoscopy N van Dijk
12h00 - 12h15Posterior impingementG McCollum
12h15 - 12h30Questions and discussion
12h30 - 13h15LUNCH
13h15 - 14h00Presidential Handover (Hall 8.2)
SAFSA Symposium: Ankle arthroscopy / Sports medicine
Chairpersons: D Burger, H Eshraghi
14h00 - 14h30Talar OCD: On bone bruises (do they need treatment) Edge loading and alignmentN van Dijk
14h30 - 14h50Navicular stress fractures in athletes D Redfern
14h50 - 15h00Questions and discussion
15h00 - 15h20Achilles tendonopathy N van Dijk
15h20 - 15h35Peroneal tendon pathology/ instability JJ Wiegerinck
15h35 - 15h45Patient reported outcomes after severe ankle trauma H Simpson
15h45 - 15h55Questions and discussion
15h55 - 16h00Closure
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00 - 09h00SAOA Workshop - Legal Structures/ Tax ImplicationsA Oosthuizen
Private Practice Session: Arthroplasty Coding
Chairpersons: J McAllister, A Julyan
09h00 -09h20P81: An evaluation of coding questionnaire for hip (THA) and knee (TKA) replacement surgeryA van Zyl
09h20 -09h30Discussion
09h30 -09h50P82: Coding Guidelines for Soft Tissue Knee Procedures based on a national consensus study.M HeldD North, P Firer, M Barrow, P Hardcastle, B Gelbart, R Von Bormann
09h50 -10h00Discussion
10h00 - 10h30TEA
Private Practice Session: Value-based care, does there have to be a loser?
Chairpersons: R Dunn, P Webster
10h30 - 12h30MediclinicM Streak
10h30 - 12h30Netcare A Laubscher
10h30 - 12h30Life HealthcareP Soko
10h30 - 12h30Discovery - The development of VBC projects and the trajectory for future growthD Sweiden
10h30 - 12h30Medscheme W Riback
10h30 - 12h30GEMSW Riback
12h30 - 13h15LUNCH
13h15 - 14h00Presidential Handover
Private Practice Session: Medico-legal
Chairpersons: R Dunn, B Vrettos
14h00 - 15h00Legal risks of practicing orthopaedic surgery (with Q&A)M Philippides - Webber Wentzel/ Genoa
15h00 - 16h00Sharing claims experience (with Q&A)B Taylor - EthiQal
16h00 - 16h30Insurance models (occurrence, claims made) pros and consM Damant
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00 - 09h00Medtronic Workshop - Advances in Orthopaedic SurgeryD Hugo
SAOTS Symposium: Innovation
Chairpersons: T Mazibuko, E Britz
09h00 - 09h10P83: A new method of Cast Wedging : Description of Technique and Clinical Experience.C BrownF Muller, D Hugo
09h10 - 09h20P84: Orthopaedic Virtual Fracture Clinic: A South African first, and a success story from Cape Town.K ChirongaS Maqungo, M Laubscher, K Laubscher
09h20- 09h30P85: The Orthopaedic Virtual Clinic: Early Experiences in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa.C BrownD Hugo
09h30 - 09h40P86: The evolving practice of WALANT surgery in general orthopaedic trauma. (GT)H GamieldienS Maqungo, M Abramson, S Roche, M Laubscher, R Magampa
09h40 - 09h50P87: Bone Mineral Density in HIV: A Comparison Of HIV positive versus negative patients with lower limb long bone fractures. (GT)P BothaS Maqungo, M Held, S Graham, M Laubscher
09h50 - 10h00P88: Comparison of dynamic versus static external fixation throughout distal tibial fracture union.F BirkholtzA-C Barnard
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAOTS Symposium: Tips and tricks
Chairpersons: C Brown, M Laubscher
10h30 - 10h40Arthroscopic assisted intra-articular fracture managementC Brown
10h40 - 10h50Converting a metaphyseal to a diaphyseal fracture with an IM nailM Laubscher
10h50 - 11h00Reduction techniques in paediatric supracondylar fracturesD Hugo
11h00 - 11h10Poking fun at displaced neck of femur fracturesS Maqungo
11h10 - 11h20Segmental femur fracturesN Ferreira
11h20 - 11h30Fibula strut graft use in proximal humerus fracturesJ Kauta
11h30 - 11h40Distal tibia nailing – new technique to improve fixationS Swanepoel
11h40 - 11h50The use of temporary circular fixators in extremity traumaB Bernstein
11h50 - 12h00Reduction techniques in pelvis and acetabulum fracturesT Mazibuko
12h00 - 12h10Extreme tibia nailing techniquesD Hugo
12h10 - 12h20Reduction tips I wish I knew soonerF Birkholtz
12h20 - 12h30DiscussionAll
12h30 - 13h15LUNCH
13h15 - 14h00Presidential Handover (Hall 8.2)
SAOTS Symposium: Free Papers
Chairpersons: S Swanepoel, J McCaul
14h00 - 14h10P89: Management of high velocity Fractures in Pregnancy (GT)T Mazibuko
14h10 - 14h20P90: Posterior Malleolus Ankle Fractures: Investigating the fracture patterns and the management decisions of posterior malleolus ankle fractures in the South African (GT)EJ FuzyN Ferreira, D Hugo, C Brown
14h20 - 14h30P91: The Cape Town Modified Squat and Smile test: Correlation with fracture union in long bone fractures of the lower limb (GT)D Arnolds M Laubscher
14h30 - 14h40P92: Outcomes of intramedullary nailing of femur fractures: A comparison of anterograde- and retrograde nails (GT)J GroenewaldS Graham , S Maqungo, M Held, N Ferreira, M Laubscher
14h40 - 14h50P93: Treatment outcomes of delayed definitive surgery of Tibia Plateau fracturesL GreenP Ntombela
14h50 - 15h00P94: Fracture healing in patients with human immunodeficiency virus in South Africa: a prospective cohort studyW HansenS Maqungo, M Laubscher, M Held, N Ferreira, S Graham
15h00 - 15h10P95: Usefulness of radiological acetabular lines in the accurate diagnosis of posterior wall fractures amongst pre-specialist-training orthopaedic medical OfficersM NyalunguP Ntombela, A Ngcakani
15h10 - 15h20P96: Occult Neck of Femur Fractures: A Current Concepts Review (GT)B BonnerS Maqungo
15h20 - 15h30P97: Fragility Fractures of the Hip: Are we complying with International Best Practice? (GT)B NdindwaS Maqungo, N Kauta
15h30 - 15h40P98: Outcomes of Tibial Plateau fractures in Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital: a retrospective reviewP NtombelaL Gqamana, C Makita
15h40 - 15h50P99: Analysis of Orthopaedic Injuries in Polytrauma Patients at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic HospitalW LaneyD Naicker, B Milner, S Omar
15h50 - 16h00P100: Distal radius fractures (GT)S Le RouxC Erasmus
16h00 - 16h10P49: Open Tibial Shaft Fractures: Treatment Patterns in Sub-Saharan AfricaM NgxotaS Maqungo, S Graham, M Laubscher, D Shearer