07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00 - 09h00Paragon 28 Workshop - Ankle Fusion from MIS to Open: A 360° view G McCollum
09h00 - 10h00Carousel Session (Hall 8.2) - Using Data To Strengthen Our Profession
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAFSA Symposium: Minimally Invasive Surgery
Chairpersons: IW Stead, F Louw
10h30 - 10h50MICA hallux valgus correction D Redfern
10h50 - 11h05MiS – A South African experience and learning curveM Maritz
11h05 - 11h20Early results in MiS hallux valgus surgeryD Nunes
11h20 - 11h35Questions and discussion
11h35 - 11h55Evolution of Techniques and outcomes for MiS for hallux valgus (Hybrid)P Lam
11h55 - 12h10Lessons learned from MiS casesF Louw
12h10 - 12h20MiS mishaps in hallux valgus surgery M Maritz
12h20 - 12h30Questions and discussion
12h30 - 13h00LUNCH
13h00 - 13h30THEATRE HALL BREAK SESSIONS - SMITH & NEPHEW: Robotics - all you need to knowM Ettinger
Chairpersons: J Jonk, E Joubert
13h30 - 13h45MiS calcaneal fixation (Hybrid) R Freeman
13h45 - 14h00Percutaneous LisFranc fixation (Hybrid) R Freeman
14h00 - 14h04MiS options in hallux rigidus D Redfern
14h04 - 14h16Questions and discussion
14h16 - 14h28MiS options in lesser toe surgery D Redfern
14h28 - 14h38Percutaneous calcaneal osteotomy A Toepfer
14h38 - 14h50Forefoot to hindfoot arthrodesis (Hybrid)R Freeman
14h50 - 15h02Questions and discussion
15h30 - 16h00TEA
Session 26b
Chairpersons: M Maritz
16h00 - 16h10P46: Charcot feet: Quality of life and radiological outcomes - A case seriesM AbramsonG McCollum
16h10 - 16h15Questions and discussion
16h15 - 16h25P47: The Use of a 3D-Printed Titanium implant in the management of large Osseous Defects in the AnkleA StrydomN Saragas, P Ferrao
16h25 - 16h30Questions and discussion
16h30 - 17h30SAFSA AGM
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
Chairpersons: B Bernstein, R Dunn
09h00 - 09h10Carousel Session: SAOR – where we are and where we are goingO Koch
09h10 - 10h00Carousel Discussion - Using Data To Strengthen Our Profession
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAOTS Symposium
Chairpersons: S Maqungo, B Bernstein
10h30 - 10h40WelcomeS Maqungo
10h40 - 11h00National Trauma Data Bank: Big Data in Orthopaedic Trauma A Miller
11h00 - 11h15New Zealand mosque shootingsJ McKie
11h15 - 11h30New Zealand 2011 earthquakeJ McKie
11h30 - 11h50Socioeconomic disparities in musculoskeletal care A Miller
11h50 - 12h10Combat and military orthopaedics: Lessons learned from Afghanistan and the MilitaryJ Dickens
12h10 - 12h20P48: Identifying Research Priorities in Musculoskeletal Trauma Care in Sub-Saharan AfricaB TshayincaS Maqungo, M Laubscher, S Graham
12h20 - 12h30P50: Return to work following intramedullary nailing of lower limb fractures in South Africa: A Cohort StudyK WilliamsS Masterson, S Graham, S Maqungo, M Laubscher, N Ferreira, M Held, W Harrison
12h30 - 13h00LUNCH
13h00 - 13h30THEATRE HALL BREAK SESSIONS - SMITH & NEPHEW: Robotics - all you need to knowM Ettinger
SAOTS Symposium: Ballistics session
Chairpersons: A Miller, D Hugo
13h30 - 13h50Firearm homicide in South AfricaM Prinsloo
13h50 - 14h10The burden of firearms on Forensic Pathology ServicesI Molefe
14h10 - 14h20P51: Injury pattern, management and outcomes of gunshot-related fractures to the hand and wrist at a tertiary level trauma centerW HowardN Ferreira, M Burger, H Van Zyl
14h20 - 14h30P52: Epidemiology of civilian gunshot fractures of the neck and head of femur. A review of 70 casesP PuleS Maqungo, M Laubscher, S Graham, A Nicol, A Exadaktylos
14h30 - 14h40P53: 3D fracture mapping in civilian gunshot injuries of the femoral neck.S MaqungoH Yimam, R Dey, A Exadaktylos, A Nicol, S Jakoet, M Laubscher
14h40 - 14h50P54: Early outcomes of surgically managed civilian gunshot femur fractures at a level one trauma unit in Cape Town, South Africa: A retrospective review (GT)O MakhubaloN Ferreira, M Burger
14h50 - 15h00P55: Vascular injuries associated with civilian gunshot fractures: treatment outcomes at a major trauma centre in South AfricaM JakoetM Nardi, N Ferreira, M Burger
15h00 - 15h10P56: Gunshot fractures of the forearm: burden, management and outcomes (GT)D Bruce-BrandN Ferreira, M Burger
15h10 - 15h20P57: Management of Gunshot Injuries to the humerus T MazibukoA Mbombi
15h20 - 15h30P58: Gunshot injuries of the spineV GezenganaB Botha
15h30 - 16h00TEA
16h00 - 17h00SAOTS AGM
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00-09h00Smith & Nephew Robotics WorkshopM Ettinger
09h00 - 10h00Carousel Session (Hall 8.2) - Using Data To Strengthen Our Profession
SAKS: Cartilage
Chairpersons: M Barrow, B Gelbart
10h30 - 10h42Ethical, evidence-based treatment algorithms for cartilage lesions of the kneeM Barrow
10h42 - 10h54The evolution of bone marrow stimulationB Gelbart
10h54 - 11h06Minced cartilage a cost-effective alterantive - (Hybrid) S Nehrer
11h06 - 11h16Discussion
11h16 - 11h28Autologous chondrocyte implantation and MACI - when and how i do it.R Siebold
11h28 - 11h40Osteochondral autograft transfer and mosaicplasty - when and how I do it.M Held
11h40 - 11h50Discussion
11h50 - 12h02Osteochondrosis dissecans and cartilage lesions in childrenS Carsen
12h02 - 12h14Cartilage lesion and Patella MalaligmentR Siebold
12h14 - 12h24Discussion
12h30 - 13h00LUNCH
13h00 - 13h30THEATRE HALL BREAK SESSIONS - SMITH & NEPHEW: Robotics - all you need to knowM Ettinger
SAKS: Meniscus
Chairpersons: R von Bormann, H Hobbs
13h30 - 13h42Ethical, consensus-based managment of degenerative meniscus lesions vs acute tearsP Hardcastle
13h42 - 13h54Decision making for meniscus repair and suture techniquesR Siebold
13h54 - 14h04Discussion
14h04 - 14h16Medial Ramp - anatomy, injury, repair and outcomesD North
14h16 - 14h28Treating discoid meniscus tear and the pediatric meniscus - an updateS Carsen
14h28 - 14h40Meniscus allograft in South Africa - Indications, technique and administrative hurdlesH Hobbs
14h40 - 14h50Discussion
14h50 - 15h02Meniscus Root tears and defunctioning radial tears - my managment R von Bormann
15h02 - 15h14Decision making for return to sport after meniscus injuryW Sebastianelli
15h14 - 15h24Discussion
15h30 - 16h00TEA
SAKS: Cartilage and Meniscus beyond surgery
Chairpersons: S Erasmus/M Barrow
16h00 - 16h10Focal cartilage lesions versus early osteoarthritis: how to tell the difference?S Erasmus
16h10 - 16h20Principles of cartilage and meniscus anatomy, biology & physiology - (Hybrid)P Roessler
16h20 - 16h30Diagnostic imaging of cartilage and how repaired tissue looks on MRIR Visagie
16h30 - 16h35Discussion
16h35 - 16h45Fat stem cell harvest - what patients wants and how I do itB Kotze
16h45 - 16h55What we can pay for - the medical aid perspective on cartilage surgery and regenerationW Riback
16h55 - 17h00Discussion and closureM Held
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
09h00 - 10h00Carousel Session (Hall 8.2) - Using Data To Strengthen Our Profession
10h00 - 10h30TEA
Free Papers - Spine and General
Chairpersons: R Magampa, U Ukunda
10h30 - 10h40P59: Evaluating patient outcome post-tubular lumbar microdiscectomyA YounusM Lukhele, S Tink
10h40 - 10h50P60: Blood management strategies in posterior corrective surgery for idiopathic scoliosis (GT)M AftabU Ukunda, A Robertson, B Milner
10h50 - 11h00P61: Clinical, immunological and diagnostic phenotypes of suspected spinal tuberculosis patients, with or without HIV-co-infection, presenting to an urban tertiary hospital in South Africa.R Waters SherM Held, A Coussens, R Dunn, M Laubscher
11h00 - 11h10P62: Radiographical analysis of allogenous fibular strut graft usage in anterior cervical corpectomy and reconstruction (GT)M BhamjeeS Khan
11h10 - 11h20P63: Correlation of CD4 count and histological findings in spinal tuberculosisJ SchererS Graham, M Held, R Dunn , F Thienemann
11h20 - 11h30P64: The microbiological, histological and biochemical findings in native joint septic arthritis in adults (GT)AV MartinD Maimin, S Maqungo, R Dey , K Williams
11h30 - 11h40P65: Impact of COVID-19 intervention on pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis testing at an urban tertiary hospital in South AfricaR WatersM Held, R Dunn , A Coussens
11h40 - 11h50P67: Lets talk business, a public-private partnership in soft tissue knee surgeryW Cham YuJ le Roux , R von Bormann, M Held
11h50 - 12h00P68: The utilisation of the South African Orthopaedic Registry: An interrupted time-series analysis (GT)H BussioS Khanyile, O Koch, M O' Connor
12h00 - 12h10
12h10 - 12h20
12h20 - 12h30
12h30 - 13h00LUNCH
13h00 - 13h30THEATRE HALL BREAK SESSIONS - SMITH & NEPHEW: Robotics - all you need to knowM Ettinger
Free Papers - Arthroplasty
Chairpersons: L Mokete, M Nortje
13h30 - 13h40P69: Does increased peri-operative communication improve patient satisfaction after Total Joint Arthroplasty? (GT)P NtombelaS Ndou, M Ramokgopa, L Mokete, K Sikhauli
13h40 - 13h50P70: Outcomes of Single Stage Bilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty through a direct anterior approach in HIV positive patients at a Regional Hospital (GT)G TauSS Golele, T Moagi
13h50 - 14h00P71: Femoral stem subsidence in cementless uncollared prosthesis: a new problem?K BerryB Dower, G Grobler, M Nortje
14h00- 14h10P72: The direct anterior approach for femoral neck fractures: 5 years of experience at a high volume trauma centre in South AfricaM JakoetJ Charilaou, J (Koos) Jordaan
14h10 - 14h20P73: Assessment of hip abductor strength of patients with hip osteoarthritisED OseiR Kgabo, M Lewele
14h20 - 14h30P74: Single day discharge post THR: Review in the public health environmentJ (Koos) JordaanJ Charilaou, S Jakoet
14h30 - 14h40P75: The prevalence of malnutrition in patients presenting to a South African tertiary hospital arthroplasty unit. (GT)R AlmeidaJ Cakic, N Sikhauli , L Mokete, J Pietrzak
14h40 - 14h50P76: A Vertical Measurement System VMS) Mitigates the Risk of Leg Length Inequality in Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) Total Hip ArthroplastyA LewisJN Cakic, J Pietrzak
14h50 - 15h00P77: A Medium-Term Comparison of Obese and Non-Obese Patients Undergoing Anterior Minimally Invasive (AMIS®) Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty (GT)N GogaS Magobotha, JN Cakic , J Pietrzak
15h00 - 15h10P78: An evolution of total hip arthoplasty bearing surfaces in a single practice over ten yearsD Du ToitK Berry, B Dower, G Grobler, M Nortje
15h10 - 15h20P79: The role of virtual and augmented reality, remote assistance and 3D printing in training hip and knee surgeonsJ (Koos) JordaanJ Charilaou, S Jakoet
15h20 - 15h30P80: Assessment of quadriceps muscle weakness in patients with knee osteoarthritisED OseiR Kgabo, M Lewele
15h30 - 16h00TEA
16h00 - 17h00