07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
SASES Symposium: Trauma related to the Shoulder and Elbow
Chairpersons: A Rachuene, S Kirsten
09h00 - 09h15Proximal Humerus Fractures: Where do we stand in 2023?Dr C Anley
09h15 - 09h30Elbow Instability: Current ConceptsDr F Savoie
09h30 - 09h45Clavicle fractures: Where is the pendulum now?Dr C Anley
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SASES Symposium: Tips and Tricks in Shoulder Surgery
Chairpersons: S Osman, C Van Den Berg
10h30 - 10h4510 Tips to improve Rotator Cuff repairsDr F Savoie
10h45 - 11h00An approach to shoulder instability and How I do a LatarjetProf B Vrettos
11h00 - 11h15Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Radiographic Outcomes in Patients Treated Surgically for Chronic Anterior Shoulder Dislocations.Dr S Mathiba
11h15 - 11h30An Approach to nerve fallout after shoulder surgeryDr S Kirsten
11h30 - 11h45A consensus on Reverse shoulder arthroplasty pre-operative planning processes and decision-making protocols in low resourced centres. A South African Modified Delphi Technique StudyProf A Rachuene
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
SASES Symposium
Chairpersons: C Anley, B Vrettos
13h30 - 13h40P17: An interpopulation comparison and correlation of 3-dimenional morphometric measurements of the scapulaProf A RachueneR Dey, Y Dodzi Motchon , S Sivarasu, S Roche
13h40 - 13h50P18: The official translation of the DASH scoring system to isiZulu for use in South AfricaDr S MajolaM Rankin
13h50 - 14h00P19: Clinical Outcomes Following Glenohumeral Dislocation With Greater Tuberosity FractureDr R HackneyG Toland, G Crosbie, S Mackenzie, N Clement , J Keating
14h00 - 14h10P20: Long term follow-up (14-25 years) of patients treated with closed reduction, splinting and early movement for simple dislocation of the elbowDr T MackinnonE Hayter, T Samuel, G Lee, D Huntley, J Hardman, R Anakwe
14h10 - 14h20P21: Trans coracoid drilling for coracoclavicular ligament reconstructions in patients with acromioclavicular joint dislocations result in eccentric tunnelsDr M MolepoE Hohmann , S Oduoye , J Myburgh, R van Zyl, N Keough
14h20 - 14h30P22: Shoulder and elbow function following antegrade humeral nailing and plate fixation in middle third humeral shaft fracturesDr A LewisJ Du Plessis, S Steyn, S Van Deventer, N Kazee
14h30 - 14h40P23: The prevalence and profile of African patients with os acromiale that present with shoulder pain at a tertiary hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.Dr NP MulaudziNL Mzayiya, PA Rachuene
14h40 - 14h50P24: The efficacy of the BiPOD method, using an artificial LARS® ligament, in reducing Acromioclavicular joint injuries; a retrospective case series.Dr R KrielJ de Beer
14h50 - 15h00P25: Arthroscopic and radiographic findings at time of Latarjet screw removal. GT12Dr R du PlessisS Roche, J-P du Plessis, R Dey, W de Kock, J de Wet
15h00 - 15h10P26: The musculoskeletal profile of female adolescent elite water polo players and the factors affecting throwing performance.Dr JJ de WetJ Gray, R Dey, JP du Plessis, B Vrettos, S Roche
15h10 - 15h20P27: Epidemiological Data review of Primary Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty from at a Single Tertiary Academic Hospital in South Africa: A Four-Year Retrospective ReviewDr S Swartbooi
15h30 - 16h00TEA
SASES Symposium
Chairperson: C Anley , F Savoie
16h00-17h00Case Discussions: Interesting shoulder and elbow cases to be presented for discussion
17h00-18h00Colleges of Medicine South Africa (CMSA) - Orthopaedic Members MeetingJ du Toit
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
SAOTS Symposium: Fracture related infection symposium
Chairpersons: S Maqungo, N Ferreira
09h00-09h30Preventing FRIProf L Marais
09h30-09h45Diagnosis & classification of FRIMr J Ferguson
09h45-10h00Bacteriology of FRI - local settingProf N Ferreira
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAOTS Symposium: Fracture related infection symposium
Chairpersons: L Marais, V Mdingi
10h30-10h45Treatment algorithms for FRIMr J Ferguson
10h45-11h00Dead space management and local antibioticsMr J Ferguson
11h00-11h15Soft tissue management in FRI & role of negative pressure wound therapyProf L Marais
11h30-11h45To DAIR or not to DAIR?Prof M Laubscher
11h45-12h00Fixation revision- when, what and how?Dr T Campos
12h00-12h15When is a segmental resection needed & approach to reconstructionMr Jamie Ferguson
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
SAFSA and SAOTS combined meeting
Chairpersons: M Laubscher, J McCaul
13h30-13h40Host optimization & MDT approachProf M Laubscher
13h40-13h55Systemic antibiotics (empiric to definitive)Dr J Wojno
13h55-14h10Is there a place for conservative management?Dr J Tsang
Free Papers
14h30-14h35P29: Extended gram-negative cover antibiotic prophylaxis in orthopaedic trauma surgery: Is it time to reconsider current practice?Dr J TsangN Ferreira, A Jansen van Rensberg, R Venter, G Epstein
14h35-14h40P30: Microbiological epidemiology at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital: Poly-microbial osteomyelitis analysisDr T HlapolosaP Kgagudi, M Jingo
14h40-14h45P31: Short-term Celecoxib Promotes Bone Formation Without Compromising Antibiotic Efficacy in Early Orthopaedic Device-Related Infection: Evidence from a Rat ModelDr V MdingiL Gens, K Mys, S Zeiter, L Marais, G Richards, F Moriarty, M Chittò
14h45-14h50P32: Shoulder septic arthritis in paediatrics and adolescents: a retrospective review of clinical presentation, bacteriological profile and outcomes. GT10Dr N Mukansi
14h55-15h00P33: Microbial contamination of cellphones of health care worker in the orthopaedic department at a tertiary institute in GautengDr Y NgemaS Ndou, J Pietrzak, K Sikhauli
15h00-15h05P34: In patients with hand sepsis does bedside debridement compared to operating theatre debridement have similar clinical outcomes, hospital cost and time to discharge in a District Hospital setting in South Africa?Dr C Kruger
15h05-15h10P35: Antibiotic targeted cement rods in chronic osteomyelitis, long term outcomes from a level one South African trauma centre. GT3Dr C NicolaouAR Sekeitto, JD Urrea, B Milner
15h10-15h15P36: Critical bone defect affecting the outcome of management in anatomical type IV chronic osteomyelitisDr J TsangG Epstein, N Ferreira
15h15-15h20P37: Improving the diagnosis of spinal tuberculosis and our understanding of its pathophysiology and interaction with HIV-1 co-infectionDr R WatersM Held, R Dunn, M Laubscher, A Coussens, N Adikary
SAOTS Symposium: SAFSA and SAOTS combined meeting
Chairpersons: N Ferreira, J Ferguson
16h00-17h00FRI case based discussionMr J Ferguson, Prof L Marais, Prof N Ferreira, Dr F Birkholtz Prof M Laubscher
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
SOLS Session: Registrar Oncology exam preparation
Chairpersons: T Hilton, N Ferreira, J Hauptfliesch, D Govender, T Naicker
08h00 - 08h10Welcome to SOLS sessionProf K Hosking
08h10 - 09h25Presentation of cases encompassing oncology surgery, radiology, pathology and radiation oncology in an MDT format
09h30 - 09h50Chemotherapy for osteosarcomaDr P Mthethwa
09h50 - 10h00Questions/commentsQuestions/comments
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SOLS Session: Tough revision problems
Chairpersons: K Hosking
10h30 - 10h50Proximal femurs and abductor lossDr A Olivier
10h50 - 10h55Questions/commentsQuestions/comments
10h55 - 11h15Knee extensor mechanism reconstructionDr A Johnston
11h15 - 11h20Questions/commentsQuestions/comments
11h20 - 1h:40The chronic dislocatorDr K Jordaan
11h40 - 11h45Questions/commentsQuestions/comments
11h45 - 12h05What's being done with metastatic bone disease in New ZealandDr A Johnston
12h05 - 12h10Questions/commentsQuestions/comments
12h10 - 12h30Uncemented customs for min residual bone / joint sparingProf K Hosking
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
SOLS Session: Clash of clans
Chairpersons: A Olivier, R Kyte
13h30 - 13h50Cone cup Vs custom 3D printingProf K Hosking, Dr JG Meijer
13h50 - 14h10GCT - cement Vs bone graftProf H Bauer, Dr J Du Toit
14h10 - 14h30Metastatic disease - IM nailing Vs endoprosthesisDr P Mthethwa, Dr J Viljoen
14h30 - 14h45Questions/commentsQuestions/comments
South African Orthopaedic Registry (SAOR)
14h45 - 14h55P38: Primary Malignant Bone Tumours: Epidemiological data from Pretoria, South Africa. GT6Dr J du PreezJ Meijer, T Le Roux
14h55 - 15h05SAOR - chondrosarcomaProf H Bauer
15h05 - 15h15SAOR - osteosarcomaProf H Bauer
15h15 - 15h20NZ registryDr A Johnston
15h20 - 15h30Appeal for registration and participationDr T Hilton
15h30 - 16h00TEA
SOLS Session: Difficult case discussion
Chairpersons: T Hilton, A Johnston
16h00 - 17h00People to submit cases for discussion on the arthroplasty and sarcoma/MBD - Dr Thomas Hilton to present casesDr T Hilton
Refreshments - Drinks and Snacks
SOLS AGM - Chairpersons: Prof Keith Hosking, Dr Andre Olivier
17h00 - 17h00SOLS AGMProf K Hosking, Dr A Olivier
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
SAPOS Symposium: Paediatric Spinal Conditions
Chairpersons: H Crawford, J du Toit
08h00 - 08h10Welcome and IntroductionDr P Marè
08h10 - 08h30Back pain in the childDr P Makan
08h30 - 08h50Monitoring in AIS and the role of bracingProf R Dunn
Chairpersons: P Mare, R Dunn
09h00 - 09h20Natural history of spinal deformity in cerebral palsyProf H Crawford
09h20- 09h40Pelvic obliquity in cerebral palsy: Hip versus spine.Dr A Horn
09h40- 10h00Discussion
10h00 - 10h15TEA
SAPOS Symposium: Paediatric Spinal Conditions
Chairpersons: R Goller, A Puddu
10h30 - 10h50The spine in osteogenesis imperfectaProf H Crawford
10h50-11h10Spinal abnormalities in the skeletal dysplasiasProf D Eastwood
Chairpersons: M Thiart, Y Ramguthi
11h30 - 11h50Congenital scoliosis - monitoring and when to referDr J Davis
11h50-12h10TorticollisProf R Dunn
12h30 - 13h00LUNCH
SAPOS Symposium: Paediatric Spinal Conditions
Chairpersons: A Naidoo, D Simmons
13h30 - 13h50Postural and structural thoracic kyphosisDr A Puddu
13h50 - 14h10TB spine - Surgical vs conservative managementProf R Dunn
SAPOS Symposium: Free papers
Chairpersons: S Bila, A Horn
14h20-14h30P39: Factors associated with dissemination and complications of acute bone and joint infections in childrenDr V MdingiP Mare, L Marais
14h30-14h40P40: Long-term health outcomes of paediatric multifocal musculoskeletal sepsis: a 15-year reviewProf H CrawfordA McDonald, M Boyle, C Byrnes
14h40 - 14h50P41: Staphylococcal osteoarticular infections associated with blood stream infections in children: Is prolonged IV antibiotic therapy always indicated?Dr M LeppanA Horn
14h50 - 15h00P42: Is malnutrition contributing to the severity of Supracondylar fractures in children: a retrospective review. GT13Dr S RagunandanR Goller
15h00 - 15h10P44: Delayed discharge of patients with suspected non-accidental injuryDr D SimmonsA Robertson, B Milner
15h10 - 15h20P45: Rubber Band Syndrome: a case report outlining the diagnosis and surgical management of a rare orthopaedic condition in South AfricaDr S MattushekT Joseph, M Twala, K Reddy
15h30 - 16h00TEA
SAPOS Symposium: Free papers
Chairpersons: D Eastwood, D Thompson
16h00 - 16h10P46: 15 years on: A Prospective Comparison of Ponseti casting vs Surgical Treatment of ClubfootProf H CrawfordJ Recordon, S Stott, M Halanski, P McNair, M Boocock
16h10 - 16h20P47: The Fassier technique for correction of proximal femoral deformity in children with osteogenesis imperfectaDr S MwelaseP Mare, L Marais, D Thompson
16h20 - 16h30P48: Genetic testing in the orthopaedic clinicDr S Moosa
16h30 - 16h40P49: Aetiology of Cerebral Palsy in patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery for musculoskeletal deformities.Dr A Mentz, M ThomasD Maimin, T van Heerden, A Horn
16h40- 16h45ClosingDr P Mare
16h45 - 17h30SAPOS AGM
Lunch-time session
E-poster Presentations
Infection and Trauma Posters
Chairperson: A Rachuene, J du Toit
13h00 - 13h02E1: Osteo-articular TB specimen yieldDr T HlapolosaP Kgagudi, M Jingo
13h03 - 13h05E2: Case report: Foot TuberculosisDr L Gqamana
13h06 - 13h08E3: Soft tissue reconstruction of Gustilo-Anderson grade 3b open tibia fractures at a tertiary hospital: A retrospective case seriesDr D MaiminE Barouni, M Laubscher, S Adams, D Hudson, C Pryce
13h09 - 13h11E4: Time intervals for the treatment of femur fractures at a tertiary hospital in the Eastern Cape, South AfricaDr N AdamV Adenyi
13h12 - 13h14E5: Pycnodysostosis: Treatment of a young teenager with a mid shaft femur fractureDr Y NgemaG Karera, B Ramokgopa
13h15 - 13h17E6: Epidemiology of Patellar Fractures in a /South African Tertiary HospitalDr Y NgemaM Ramokgopa