SAOA Active and Endorsed Fellowships

FellowshipProgramme Director
1. Johannesburg Foot and Ankle FellowshipProf. Nick P Saragas
2. Tygerberg Academic Hospital (Stellenbosch University) Arthroplasty FellowshipDr Koos Jordaan
3. Tygerberg Academic Hospital (Stellenbosch University) Limb Reconstruction FellowshipProf Nando Ferreira
4. Tygerberg Academic Hospital (Stellenbosch University) Upper Limb FellowshipDr Cameron Anley
5. University of Cape Town Arthroplasty FellowshipDr Marc Nortje
6. University of Cape Town Spine FellowshipProf Robert Dunn
7. University of Cape Town Trauma FellowshipProf Sithombo
8. University of Cape Town Upper Limb FellowshipProf Stephen Roche
9. Cape Town Knee FellowshipProf Michael Held
10. Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital and Witwatersrand University Arthroplasty FellowshipDr Sikhauli
11. Groote Schuur & Red Cross Children’s Hospital & University of Cape Town Orthopaedic Oncology & Joint Reconstruction FellowshipDr Thomas Hilton
12. Pretoria Orthopaedic Tumour and Infection FellowshipDr DJM Frantzen
SAOA Endorsed Fellowships
Version 2: 2020-06-06
Edited by: Prof Jacques du Toit

SAOA Endorsed Fellowship programme director contact details and SAOA Policy on Fellowship: Endorsement Criteria documents are available to members in the member secure login section. Step 1: Login. Step 2: Click on the Library Tab. 3.  Documents available for download under Fellowships, Grants and Awards heading.