07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00 - 09h00Zimmer Side Event: Advancing TKA personalization through implants, digital and robotic solutions - VDr L Mokete/ Prof O Pearce
Chairpersons: B Vrettos, J McAllister
09h00 - 09h45Carousel Session: Value Based Care - our experience. Is there a catch?
09h45 - 10h00Discussion, Questions & Answers
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAOTS Session: Invited Lecture
Chairpersons: B Bernstein, G du Preez
10h30 - 11h00Invited lecture: Periprosthetic fractures of the femur - top and bottomProf C Morrey
11h00 - 11h05Questions
SAOTS Session: Trauma Free Papers
Chairpersons: B Bernstein, G du Preez
11h05-11h10P51: Comparison of visual estimations of distal radius fracture radiographic parameters between different levels of orthopaedic doctors. GT15Dr V NaidooJ Du Plessis, B Milner
11h10-11h15P52: Patterns of injury and treatment for distal radius fractures at a major trauma centreDr J Battle, Dr J FrancisJ Hardman, R Anakwe
11h15-11h20P53: Operative versus non-operative management of distal radius fractures in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials with an elderly subgroup analysisDr K BellW Oliver, T White, S Molyneux , N Clement, A Duckworth
11h20-11h25P54: A Review of Calcaneal Fractures Presenting to A South African Tertiary InstitutionDr L GqamanaM Nyalungu
11h25-11h30Questions & Discussion
11h30-11h35P55: Understanding Hip Fracture Outcomes And Complications In The Western CapeDr S MkhizeJ Masters
11h35-11h40P56: Orthopaedic Trauma Emergencies Done After-HoursDr AY MotaS Van Deventer , J Pietrzak
11h40-11h45Questions/ Discussion
11h45-11h50P58: Classifying open tibia and femur fractures using the Orthopaedic Trauma Society (OTS) Open Fracture Classification System in a setting with high incidence of civilian gunshot fractures.Dr Z LungaM Laubscher, S Graham, M Held, N Ferreira, R Magampa, S Maqungo
11h50-11h55P59: Prevalence of vascular injury in patients with orthopaedic trauma on the knee at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital.Dr N MkombeR Kgabo
11h55-12h00Questions & Discussion
12h00-12h05P60: Surgical Management of unstable sacral fracturesDr T Mazibuko
12h05-12h10P61: Removal of retained bullets from the hip joint in civilian gunshot injuries.Dr A AntoniS Maqungo, S Graham, A Nicol, N Kauta, M Laubscher
12h10-12h15P62: Gunshot induced fracture of the proximal femur: Outcomes of management at a tertiary hospital in South AfricaDr T Mokoena
12h15-12h20P63: Civilian Gunshot Fractures of the AcetabulumDr A AntoniK Laubscher, K Berry, S Swanepoel, M Laubscher, S Maqungo
12h20-12h30Questions & Discussion
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
Building a legacy through leadership
Chairpersons: M Thiart, A Naidoo
13h30 - 13h50Building a legacy through leadershipJP Cronje, A Wolfe
13h50 - 14h10Building a legacy through leadership
14h10 - 14h20Building a legacy through leadership
14h20 - 14h30Building a legacy through leadership
14h30 - 14h40Building a legacy through leadership
14h40 - 14h50Building a legacy through leadership
14h50 - 15h00Building a legacy through leadership
15h00 - 15h10Building a legacy through leadership
15h10 - 15h20Building a legacy through leadership
15h20 - 15h30Building a legacy through leadership
15h30 - 16h00TEA
16h00 - 17h00Building a legacy through leadershipJP Cronje, A Wolfe
17h00 - 17h30Closing
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00-09h00Biotek Workshop: Medial Collateral Ligament Repair using a Percutaneous ApproachDr L Jacobs
09h00 - 10h00Carousel Session
SAKS & SAAS: Complex Primary TKA
Chairpersons: L Mokete, N Sikhauli
10h30 - 10h40Opening remarks
10h40 - 10h50Primary TKA in the stiff kneeDr T Campos
10h50 - 11h00Balancing the severe varus kneeDr A Kuhn
11h00 - 11h10My approach to the severe valgus kneeDr J van der Merwe
11h10 - 11h20Avoiding patellofemoral problems in TKRDr S Erasmus
11h20 - 11h40Case Based Discussion
SAKS & SAAS: Complex Primary TKA
Chairpersons: K Jordaan, M Nortje
11h40 - 11h50Ligament balancing in robotic assisted TKADr JL Van Den Berg
11h50 - 12h00The value of Robotic Surgery in complex TKADr J Pietrzak
12h00 - 12h10You don’t need a robot in TKADr P Firer
12h10 - 12h30Case Based Discussion
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
SAKS & SAAS: Knee Alignment
Chairpersons: M Held, R Bormann
13h30 - 13h45Knee alignment in TKA, what’s new, what’s important – a practical approach - VProf E Thienpont
13h45 - 14h00Understanding the terms in knee alignment (mechanical, functional, kinematic etc.)Dr K Jordaan
14h00 - 14h10How does knee alignment affect implant choiceDr K Jordaan
14h10 - 14h30Case Based Discussion
SAKS & SAAS: Fast track surgery
Chairpersons: P Hardcastle, B Gelbart
14h30 - 14h40Building a team in fast track knee surgeryDr D Vermaak
14h40 - 14h50Strategies to deal with orthostatic intolerance and PONVDr M Chuene
14h50 - 15h05Experiences and results of fast track TKAProf J Grifka
15h05 - 15h20Leading the way to a less painful and short stay knee arthroplasty - VProf E Thienpont
15h20 - 15h30Case Based Discussion
15h30 - 16h00TEA
SAKS & SAAS: Complex Partial Knee replacement
Chairpersons: H Hobbs, S Erasmus
16h00 - 16h10Why I should consider unicompartmental arthroplasty as a modern knee arthroplasty surgeon - VProf E Thienpont
16h10 - 16h20Bristol Experience of lateral uniDr J Robinson
16h20 - 16h30UKA in ACL deficient kneesDr T Oosthuizen
16h30 - 16h40PFJ replacement (Munich Experience)Prof A Imhoff
16h40 - 17h00Case Based Discussion
SAKS Dinner - The Retreat, Camps Bay (by invitation)
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
08h00 - 09h00Stryker Workshop: The new Mako TKA 2.0 Software upgradeDr K Jordaan
Carousel Session
10h00 - 10h30TEA
SAFSA Symposium
Chairpersons: M Maritz, J Jonck
10h30-10h50Acute syndesmosis injuries- diagnosis and treatmentDr S Wever
10h50-11h10Chronic syndesmosis injuries- Physiotherapy perspectiveH Simpson
11h10-11h30Chronic syndesmosis injuries- Surgical treatmentDr A Strydom
11h30-11h50Treatment of Deltoid ligament injuriesDr P Ferrao
11h50- 12h10Lateral Ligament - When do we refer patients for surgey? Physiotherapy perspectiveH Simpson
12h10-12h30Lateral Ligamant- Surgical optionsProf N Saragas
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
SAFSA & SAOTS Symposium:
Chairpersons: N Terblanche, S Maqungo
13h30-13h45Pilon fractures- When and how to span? Can a spanning frame be definitive?Prof N Ferreira
13h45-14h10Pilon fractures- When and how to frame?Dr F Birkholtz
14h10-14h30Pilon fractures- When and how to plate?Prof G McCollum
Discussion / Questions
14h30-14h50Treatment of stable ankle fracturesDr MJ Tladi
14h50-15h10Ankle fractures in the Diabetic/OsteoporoticDr W de Kock
15h10-15h30P50: The Posterior malleolar fracture- changing conceptsDr F Louw
Discussion / Questions
15h30 - 16h00TEA
Session 26b
Chairpersons: D Hugo, N Terreblance
16h00-16h20Trimalleolar fractures - surgical approachDr F Louw
16h20-16h40Calcaneal fractures - minimal invasive surgeyDr M Maritz
16h40 -17h00Talar fractures - the dual approachDr D Burger
Discussion / Questions
17h00 - 17h30SAFSA AGM
07h30 - 08h00REGISTRATION
09h00 - 10h00Carousel Session
10h00 - 10h30TEA
Free Papers - General
Chairpersons: O Koch, A Rachuene
10h30 - 10h40P64: Medium term outcomes for surgical versus non-operative treatment for Bennett's fractures of the thumb metacarpal. A matched cohort studyDr J Battle, Dr J FrancisV Patel, J Hardman, R Anakwe
10h40 - 10h50P65: Safe use of electrocautery in wrist arthroscopy surgeryDr A Smit
10h50 - 11h00P67: Deep infection rate resulting in reoperation for sepsis following minor hand surgery with Wide-Awake Local Anaesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) and field sterility in an outpatient setting. GT9Dr L SkosanaO Koch, T Le Roux
11h00 - 11h10P68: A retrospective review of the bacteriology of hand sepsis at a tertiary hospital in Gauteng. GT1Dr A AdamsH Sithebe
11h10 - 11h20P69: The direct costs of hip fracture care in South Africa: a public healthcare system perspectiveDr F ParukN Mafrakureva, B Cassim, M Lukhele, C Gregson , S Noble
11h20 - 11h30P70: Establishing a Consensus on Research Priorities in Orthopaedic Trauma Within South AfricaDr L RenderSM Graham, S Maqungo, N Ferreira , LC Marais, M Held Surgery, M Laubscher
11h30 - 11h40P71: Risk Acceptability Assessment for Complications of Five Orthopaedic Procedures: A questionnaire-based StudyDr W MukiibiA Aden, N Iqbal
11h40 - 11h50P72: Evaluation of the self-drilling, self tapping Schanz pin thread patterns on the near cortex when inserted on bone without pre-drillingDr EN MkhizeC Blake
11h50 - 12h00P73: Quantitative ultrasound and MRI imaging of the buttocks and thighs in a seated positionDR N MogaleJ Scott , D Schantz, V Ilyasov, TR Bush, A van Schoor, JM Slade
12h00 - 12h10P74: Quality assessment of laboratory cadaveric and biomechanical studies. The development and validation of a new basic science quality score.Dr M MolepoE Hohmann, N Paschos, N Keough, D Erbulut, A Oberholster, V Glatt, B Gueorguiev, K Tetsworth)
12h10 - 12h30Questions and Discussion
12h30 - 13h30LUNCH
Free Papers - Trauma, General, Infection
Chairpersons: S Matshidza, J du Toit
13h30 - 13h40P75: The treatment, management, demographics and economic costs of orthopaedic injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents in delivery drivers in South AfricaDr J WardS Klopper, F Louw, M Schmieschek
13h40 - 13h50P76: An observational study into the incidence of e-hailing motorcycle drivers who experience Orthopaedic related trauma with regards to Tembisa Provincial Tertiary HospitalDr ST GovenderG Connellan, N Ngcoya
13h50 - 14h00P77: Epidemiology and Pattern of Orthopaedic injuries caused by Delivery Motorbike Accidents (DMBA) at South African Tertiary HospitalDr D NzimandeF Sukati
14h00- 14h10P78: Prevalence of osteoporosis in HIV-infected patients initiating anti-retroviral drugs living in JohannesburgDr M Khumalo
14h10 - 14h20P79: The impact of HIV infection on wound healing and fracture union in patients with closed ankle fractures treated with a plate osteosynthesis at a tertiary level hospitalDr T RachoeneA Rachuene, K Sonke, T Mpho
14h20 - 14h30Discussion
14h30 - 14h40P80: Number of distal radial fractures in the elderly will increase by more than half by 2040: prediction modelling using national data.Dr K BellL Yapp, T White, S Molyneux, N Clement, A Duckworth
14h40 - 14h50P82: Necrotizing soft tissue infections: A retrospective case series at a district hospital in South AfricaDr LB Benjamin
14h50 - 15h00P83: The QuickDASH and PRWE scores are not optimal patient-reported outcome measures following a fracture of the distal radius due to the ceiling effect: potential implications for future researchDr K BellW Oliver, T White, S Molyneux, N Clement, A Duckworth
15h30 - 16h00TEA
Lunch-time session
E-poster Presentations
Shoulder & Elbow, Spine and General E-posters
Chairpersons: M Ngcelwane, J du Toit
13h00 - 13h02E12: Metalware failure in the presence of Cervical-Spine Tuberculosis in the background of Sickle Cell Disease.Dr SJ Mabusha
13h03 - 13h05E13: A Massive unilateral Petit triangle abscess in an HIV positive adultDr SJ MabushaSS Mfaku
13h06 - 13h08E14: Unusual radiological presentation of pseudomeningoceleDr SJ MabushaT Batyi
13h09 - 13h11E15: Hematomyelia: Unravelling spinal cord haemorrhage in minor cervical spine trauma; a case reportDr R GeertsemaA Younus